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Lynchburg Mayor Michael Gillette Presents Resolution Passed by Lynchburg City Council Honoring VES’ 100th Anniversary

“We are incredibly proud to have such an outstanding organization as VES in our community. You should be proud too,” began Mayor Gillette as he spoke to the full chapel at VES Monday, September 21.

Mayor Gillette was introduced by Robert “Cham” Light ’71, who chairs the Book Committee that is bringing the rich history of VES to life in our soon-to-be-available centennial history book. Mr. Light has ensured that all levels of government have recognized VES’ 100-year milestone with resolutions.

The mayor continued: “VES has many milestones in its history, and for these VES deserves to be recognized as a leader in education. In 1967, VES was the first private school to to racially integrate and in 1986, the school opened its doors to women and coeducation. The people who established this campus were great visionaries. They built you a beautiful campus too. VES is really a remarkable institution.”

Before reading the official proclamation, Gillette shared these words of wisdom for the student body: “Education is the most remarkable thing we can have in our lives. Simply learning to think is intrinsically rewarding to us as human beings. You will all go on to do well in college and your careers, but I want you to focus on what you have here today and treasure the education you are getting at VES.”

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