Digital Portfolios


In their journey toward full stature, students document their progress through Digital Portfolios, a place where the milestones of growth experienced are kept, reviewed, and reflected upon.

Goal setting plays a key role in the process of deciding what to include. While certain documents are required (such as report cards, teachers’ comments, leadership reports, etc.), other items (such as photos, videos, class projects, etc.) can be added at the discretion of the students. Teachers, advisors, and parents are also encouraged to submit material. At least three times each year students reflect upon the contents of their Portfolios, and upon their progress toward full stature. They highlight their accomplishments and make note of areas where they would like to improve.

At the end of the year, students receive one credit hour for successfully completing their Digital Portfolios. Upon graduation, they are given the entire contents of their folders, which can serve as personal reminders of the growth they experienced during their time at VES. Many students have even used material from their Digital Portfolios when applying to colleges.

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