Toward Full Stature Program

They are confident, sure of their strengths. They know how to set personal and career goals and how to reach them. They value honesty and service. They are aware of the needs of others and eager to make a difference in their world. They live vibrant, satisfying lives. They are VES graduates.


Inspired by the school’s founding motto, Toward Full Stature is an ethic requires us all to strive to be our very best. Our Toward Full Stature (TFS) Program focuses on teaching students how to live their lives with self-awareness and direction, and to realize their best selves as life-long learners, disciplined achievers, and honest, caring members of their community and the world. Six specific threads of learning and experiences make up the well-defined curriculum of the TFS program: academic, athletic, spiritual, health and wellness, college awareness, and character and leadership

The TFS program is designed to not only guide our students to strive toward full stature, but to chronicle their growth during each of their VES years. As soon as they arrive, students begin an intentional four-year journey to identify and realize their full potential academically, athletically, spiritually and ethically through self-exploration, new experiences, successes and failures, leadership and service learning, and developing their unique gifts.



Honor. Rigor. Community. Relationships. Individual Attention.

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