Rocky Mount, North Carolina

In many ways, Bill is the prototypical VES student. He is as hard working as he is polite and as athletic as he is humble. He is a boarding student from Eastern North Carolina, and a legacy. A few of Bill’s teachers taught and coached his father and most of them his older brother. Still, Bill is Bill - an individual - and the VES community is keenly interested in his dreams. We know his father and brother. Now, we’re getting to know Bill.

"If I have a problem—or even if I just want to talk—there’s always someone to turn to. The feeling of support here is 24/7.”

“I admit to being worried about following in the footsteps of my dad and brother. I looked at several other prep schools to see if another one might be a better choice for me. But the road led back to VES. Not because it was the easy choice, but because it was the right choice for me. When I visited campus and met with teachers and coaches, they may have mentioned my family, but they were more interested in knowing about me. We talked about my love of tennis and duck hunting, and about a trip our family took to Africa. They wanted to hear about what I thought were my strengths and weaknesses, about my favorite things and stuff like that. In the end, I chose VES because I can be the best Brewer I can be here, and because I will get the attention I need to stay focused on that goal. It feels really good to know that my teachers and coaches are interested in me. I certainly don’t have it all figured out at this point, but I’m on the way and I have lots help talking it through. 

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Soccer - 2 years
Basketball - 2 years
Tennis - 2 years

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