Lynchburg, Virginia

In his four years here, Zach has distinguished himself as a scholar-athlete. While maintaining an above-90 average, he has participated in football and lacrosse and has served as co-captain of the wrestling team. Zach has also honed his leadership skills on the Honor Council, to which he was elected in his senior year. His next destination is the University of Virginia, where he plans to ready himself for a career in medicine.

“The aspect of trust here is palpable. It’s part of everyday life at a small school like this, where we all know each other.”

“I ran for the Honor Council not only because I think it’s one of the most important things you can do at VES but because, for me, honor is one of the most important aspects of life in general. As we understand honor here at VES, there’s a part of it that’s strictly by the book, meaning no lying, stealing, or cheating is tolerated. But then, when you start to think about it, the idea of honor goes way beyond those prohibitions and you become aware of a lot of other meanings. It’s about being the best you can be at whatever you take on - meeting your responsibilities and fulfilling expectations. Every student at VES signs a pledge to uphold the honor code. We have a formal signing during Chapel in which the entire school participates. Then, if a student is accused of violating the code, we go back to the pledge when we start our review. It’s a very serious business because we have to make a decision about how to discipline that student. Sometimes we’ll administer a warning and other times the punishment is more severe. It’s hard. You might be friends with the person standing before you and that’s really tough but you can’t cut corners when it comes to honor.”

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- 4 years
   JV Coach's Award 
   Varsity Coach's Award
Wrestling - 4 years
   JV Most Improved
   Spirit & Sportsmanship (2 years)
   Duckworth Award 
Lacrosse - 4 years
   JV Coach's Award
Honor Committee Member

Academics Awards

University of Virginia Book Award
AP Chemistry Class Award


Honor. Rigor. Community. Relationships. Individual Attention.

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