While primarily a place for reading and research, the library also offers a beautiful atmosphere for casual reading.

The current collection of approximately 8500 volumes, along with a wide selection of academic and popular magazines, provides the students with material they need for papers and projects in a variety of disciplines as well as reading material for entertainment. Students will find wireless access for their personal laptops, and they may also use school-owned desktop computers located in the library. In addition to Internet and network connectivity, VES students are granted the right to use numerous online academic databases and resources. Using these resources, students can discover the latest information on almost every subject. Besides traditional and online Library resources, students also have the opportunity to access millions of titles using Kindle eBook readers. Other equipment available for student use includes digital cameras, video cameras, document readers, and scanners. Proctored study halls are held throughout the school day and in the evening, but the library is open and welcoming to all students wanting to study. 

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