Student Leadership

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States

In a disciplined leadership development program unique among boarding schools in our region, we offer the Toward Full Stature program:

  • From their first days on campus, students participate in the ninth grade Transitions Class. We introduce them to basic leadership skills, teach how to understand and cultivate healthy relationships and ask them to articulate how they want to impact VES during their time here.
  • In tenth grade, our students learn about dynamic leadership. Leading by example and training in public speaking are among the opportunities they have to practice and demonstrate these skills.
  • As seniors, students have the skills they need to apply for and assume the highest level of student leadership available at VES—the positions of Senior Counselor, Head Counselor, Honor Committee Member and Honor Committee Chair.>/li>
  • In every grade, Student Council members and Class Representatives take ownership of organizing activities for their classes and the school.

Beyond the structured program, we encourage leadership through many other venues—in the classrooms, advisory groups, dorms, on the athletic fields, through service learning programs, in chapel and hosting prospective students on campus.

All VES graduates will have a Toward Full Stature portfolio they build that documents their academic, ethical, spiritual and personal growth throughout their years here—and that provides a concrete body of work they can draw from when applying to the colleges of their choice. Equally important, the Toward Full Stature program ensures that we tailor a specific approach to nurture each child’s growth across these critical areas of development.

Some specific leadership opportunities include:

  • Honor Committee
    Selected by  student vote, this judiciary committee promotes, supports, and defends the honor system at VES by reviewing all honor offenses and making recommendations for consequences to the Headmaster.
  • Counselor Body
    Selected by students and faculty and appointed by the Headmaster, this group of seniors represent the best of VES. They serve as ambassadors of the school, resident advisors, and duty team members.
  • Student Government
    With five council members per grade level selected by student vote, this group focuses on class leadership. Each class is tasked with a focus for improving life at VES, allowing students opportunities to develop leadership through service, spirit, and school events.
  • Community Service Program
    Service is a culture at VES, and to aid students in making their 30-hour commitment, this program offers multiple opportunities to lead and organize service learning events, both on and off campus.
  • Clubs
    Opportunities as club representatives abound; students can even start a new club if it does not currently exist at VES.
  • Publications
    The VES Yearbook, The Vestige, and The Basement, the school literary magazine, offer leadership positions as editor, writer, photographer, and graphic artist.
  • Diversity Committee
    This group of students celebrates the diverse nature of our community and that of the bigger world. Leadership opportunities abound for students who want to encourage this welcoming philosophy.

Honor. Rigor. Community. Relationships. Individual Attention.

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