Honor Code

The underlying principle that governs the life of any member of the VES community is the school’s honor code. One shall not lie, steal, cheat, or tolerate that behavior in any other member of the community is a simple code which instills the moral and ethical values that all members of the VES family adhere to and live by.

School founder, Robert Carter Jett, put forth the code as a beacon to guide the principled decision making process faced by the students and faculty of the school. Following the code in our daily lives allows for an open and honest community which focuses the attention of the school towards reaching the goal of full stature. The fabric of the code is intertwined throughout the academic, social, and athletic schedule dealt with by the school community on a daily basis and encourages an open and ethical living environment.

Worldwide, the diagonally moving piece in chess has many names “the elephant,” “the runner,” “the archer.” But among English speakers, it is known as “the bishop.” Though it can move as far as it wants, it is curiously limited to half the squares on the board: it must stay within its own starting color. This is our hope, that after graduation our students - VES Bishops - travel as far as they like, but that our honor code shades them everywhere.

VES Honor Code

    Honor. Rigor. Community. Relationships. Individual Attention.

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