Planned Giving

Thoughtful Provisions for the Future of VES

A variety of gift methods may allow donors to increase income and secure tax benefits while significantly benefitting the future of VES. Virginia Episcopal School is pleased to recognize planned gift donors with membership in the Langhorne Chapel Society.


Gifts by bequest may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your total estate, or the amount remaining after all debts, taxes, and other expenses have been paid. Your gift may be designated to a specific area of interest or left unrestricted to give VES the greatest flexibility over time.

Life Insurance

When ownership of an existing policy is irrevocably assigned to VES, the cash value of the policy is a tax deductible gift, as are all future premium payments. By establishing a new policy specifically for the school, you can make a substantial gift for a relatively modest annual outlay.

Real Estate

You can donate property (e.g., a home or farm) to VES, but retain the right to use the property for your benefit as long as you live. Such gifts present a current charitable deduction and avoid potential capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift of cash or securities, VES will guarantee to pay you and/or another beneficiary a fixed income for life. This is one of the oldest and most popular ways of making a gift and, in addition to the current charitable deduction; a portion of each annuity payment may be income tax free.

Deferred Gift Annuity

This gift method may appeal to younger donors who are in their peak earning years. There is an immediate tax deduction for the gift, but the annuity payments do not start until a future date -- usually at the donor's retirement -- thereby providing extra retirement income on a tax-sheltered basis.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can irrevocably transfer an asset(s) to a trustee of your choice (e.g., a bank trust department). During its term, the trustee will pay a fixed percentage of the trust's assets, revalued each year (a unitrust), or a fixed dollar amount set at the beginning of the trust (annuity trust) to one or more named beneficiaries. When the term expires, the trust's principal passes to VES to be used for the purpose designated by the donor.

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