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Hello Parents! 


Welcome to Our Centennial School Year

Our goal is to help keep you in the know about school. We post to this page key information, including our calendar to help you plan, forms you may need to complete, academic schedules and NetClassroom access, as well as other items of interest. Please come back often to ensure you don't miss anything.

NetClassroom Access

This is where you access class schedules and report cards. Even if you have already signed in to the parent portal of our website, you will still need to sign in to NetClassroom to access this information. Your username/password are the same for both.

    • Go to Login Page

      Please Note - To view individual class schedules, you must login to NetClassroom (above). Once there you click the “Registration” option from the top navigation menu, then select “Schedule” from the pull-down menu. The schedule with class periods will appear.

Parent University: Helping You Stay Current on Hot Topics

We want to share information with our families that will help you learn along with your child. Through book recommendations, seminars, faculty and leadership presentations, hot topics in the news, TED Talks and more, we will serve up content that we think you'll find of value.

Books to better understand Your Teenager

The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults by Francis E. Jensen
Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin


Freedom from Chemical Dependency with FCD prevention specialist Rodney Poole
Dr. David Horton Talks Goal-Setting, Perseverance and Inspiration with VES Students, Faculty and Families

VES College Counseling Resources

A wonderful way to stay educated about topics in college planning is to follow the VES College Counseling Facebook page. Follow now and you'll never miss an interesting post.

Important Student and Campus Information

Day Students On Campus

Day students should arrive by 8:25 a.m. (but not before 8 a.m. if possible). Day students may depart after their last obligation (most likely athletics). If a day student is on campus past 7:45 p.m., s/he needs to be in Hopkins Writing Center, the LIbrary, or Proctored Study Hall in Ainslie.

Contacting Students During Academic Periods

We ask that parents not try to contact their students during the academic day 8:30 a.m. - 3:05 p.m., during evening study hall 7:45 - 9:45 p.m., and after 11:00 p.m.

Planned Absences

Your child brings depth and richness to campus life, and for that reason we ask that parents follow the academic calendar and the class rotation for scheduling appointments to minimize absences. Students who plan to miss classes should initiate and follow the Planned Absence Process that is available on the VES intranet.

Unanticipated Absences

If a student must be absent, arrive late, or depart early due to an unanticipated illness or appointment during the academic day or athletics, parents should contact Jane Jones, the receptionist, before 9 a.m. Sick students should report to the infirmary, nurses will be in contact with day parents and together they will decide if the student needs to go home. Students must sign out with the receptionist.

Hosting VES Students in Your Home

We thank all of you who are willing to host VES students in your home. We ask that the following guidelines for hosting boarding students would be followed:

  • All VES rules regarding appropriate behavior should be followed.
  • We ask that parents support the Safe Home Pledge, Support and guide students to make healthy decisions.
  • Whether a Day Visit (Town Permission) or Overnight Leave, students should be under adult supervision during their visit. We do not allow boarding students to visit for the day, evening, or overnight if the student's parent’s are not going to be home.
  • If plans change and you are unable to host a student, we ask that you communicate this with the Leavemaster (, the duty desk at 434-610- 9473, or Administrator on Duty (AOD) at 434-610-9641.
  • Boarders are to call the school in the case of any change from either their leave request or their town permissions. Boarders on town permission must return to campus for meals unless granted an extended town permission by the duty team or a day leave by the Leavemaster.
  • For weekend or day leaves, the boarder must have an invitation from the day family to the Leavemaster by Thursday afternoon.
  • We strongly suggest that the parents of a student being hosted reach out to the hosting parents. Contact information for VES families can be found online by logging into the school website and looking for the "Student Directory" option in the left sidebar. You can also get the information by contacting the Leavemaster.
  • We hope that lines of communication will be opened between parents to make sure that all families are on the same page in regard to expectations.
  • If the leave plans change significantly, we ask that you notify the duty desk at 434-610-9473 or Administrator on Duty (AOD) at 434-610-9641.
  •  Over campus weekends (see handbook or school calendar for full list of campus weekends) leaves are only granted for extenuating circumstances.
Five-Day Boarder Guidelines

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If a 5-day boarder is planning on staying on campus for a weekend, PARENTS MUST GIVE PERMISSION BY CALLING OR EMAILING Elizabeth Blaum (Staymaster) at or 434-385-3850. VES assumes that all 5-day boarders will go home. If you do not email or call, you should expect your student to be at home.
  • May depart after their last obligation on Friday (usually athletics)
  • Must return to campus by 7:30 pm. on Sunday (Parents need to call the duty desk 434-610-9473 if they will be late for the 7:30 p.m. check in.)
  • When there is a required event on campus (like the Opening School Dinner Dance), 5-day boarders may remain on campus without being charged. If they choose to go home, they need to return for the required event.

Parent and Student Handbook

The 2015 - 16 Parent and Student Handbook is now available. Please read the contents in detail. 

School Calendar

Please pay close attention to the calendar when planning family vacations and important appointments. If you have questions about the Calendar, please email

Academic Schedule

Required Forms

Please click the link below and review the required forms and important information that must be completed prior to orientation. Please note completion deadlines for specific items.

  • Day Student Vehicle Registration Form
  • Boarding Student Vehicle Requests - 11th and 12th Grade Returning Students Only
    We believe the risks and temptations to boarding students with cars on campus are significant. Therefore, the school policy is that boarding students may not have cars on campus without special permission from the Dean of Students. Parents may request special permission only for returning 11th and 12th graders. New 11th and 12th graders may request permission after successful completion of the first semester. Ninth and 10th graders may not have a car on campus. To request special permission for a VES boarding student to have a car parked on the VES campus for a specified period of time and specific reason, parents please read and complete the Boarder Vehicle Request Form with your student. Return the completed form to Marcia Yochum via email ( or bring it to registration.
  • Magnus Health Forms: Please note that students must have completed all health forms to advance through orientation, stay on campus, participate in athletics, and start classes. If you face challenges in providing this information, please communicate with Nurse Teresa Poe (, and our Health Center will work with you to support your successful completion of these forms well before you arrive on campus.

 Cell Phone Selection

If you plan to purchase a cell phone for your child, please be aware that Verizon and US Cellular have the best reception on the VES campus. Sprint has spotty coverage, and AT&T and T-Mobile have very minimal coverage.



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